The World Tennis Number (WTN) is a valuable tool in the tennis world, providing a clear understanding of a player’s skill level. However, its use in seeding and selection for events can vary.

  • The method of seeding and selection for events, and how the WTN may be used, is determined by each Sectional/District Association for their events, specifically for L3 closed to L7 events.
  • There will be no changes to any selection processes for National L1- L3 open events at this time.
  • The USTA does plan to use the WTN as a tool at the Summer Team Events.
  • The WTN can also be used as part of the existing seeding criteria for any L1-L3 open events.

These guidelines ensure that the WTN is used effectively and fairly across different levels of events, providing a consistent measure of player skill and performance.

To view more detailed information, click the following source link: WTN Information for Junior Players

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