The World’s Newest Tennis Player Rating System

The World Tennis Number (WTN) is the most recent tennis player rating system to be adopted by over 135 nations, including the USTA. The WTN was created by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the largest governing tennis body in the world.

How Does The WTN Work?

Your World Tennis Number rating will be between 40-1.

  • Beginners start at 40
  • Pro players will be closer to 1

Your rating is calculated weekly, so if you want to see movement in your rating, then you will need to get out and play.

Match Tennis App and the WTN

Due that the WTN number is rapidly becoming a very relevant data point to tournament players, Match Tennis App will be displaying the WTN player ratings in several key areas within Match Tennis App. This will allow our users to make educated decisions regarding a player’s level, tournament selections, College recruiting, and will help our users to compare ratings vs rankings to better understand their differences.

For even more detailed information about the world tennis number, please visit

Tip: Check out all the areas in Match Tennis App that reflect the WTN rating for your benefit

WTN In All The Right Places (Images Below for Reference) :


View Singles and Doubles WTN on Our
Player Profile Page
View and Sort WTN on Our USTA Rankings Page
View and Sort by WTN on All Tournament Applicant and Competitor’s Lists
View Monthly WTN Progress On Your Ranking History Page

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