How To Search For Player Record

Click Click Player Name or Other Filter to find PlayerEnter Player First and Last Name and click SearchClick Player ProfileClick USTA Player Record Button Select Age Division From Dropdown to View Correlating Record

How To Use Ranking Forecaster

Click Click My Events and Choose TournamentClick the Ranking Forecaster Button Click Dropdowns and Complete information and click CalculateYou will see Forecasted Ranking and Estimated Points for Each Round Passed

(Ranking Snapshot) How To View Top 6 Tournaments

Click My Players or search for a player and navigate to any Player ProfileClick the “Rankings Snapshot” button (reference image below)The list will auto-populate the top 6 singles and doubles results by points with the last Age Division clicked (click the age division...

How To Use SwingVision Within Match Tennis App

Click the PLAY button above for a 76 sec video showing how WE use Swing Vision and Match Tennis App for Player Development Awesomeness! Click  HERE to sign up for and download SwingVision (Link includes discounted annual subscription + Free...

Calendar – Blank Screen Resolution

If you are experiencing intermittent issues with the app not allowing you to switch to different months on the calendar or the calendar home page view is displaying a white screen then perform one of the following two methods to reset the application on your device:...

Pre-Match Snack and Hydration

**This is a courtesy “winning habits” educational automated reminder service provided by Match Tennis App based on the match times from the USTA draws for the tournament that you or your child show as a participant. All reminders can be customized and...

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