COACH ASSESSMENT GUIDE: Assessing Players for Orange to Green Ball Levels

As a tennis coach, assessing players is an important part of guiding their development and ensuring they are placed in the appropriate skill level. The following guide outlines the steps for coaches to assess players aged 7-8 years old from orange to green ball levels, using the Net Generation PlayTracker.

Certification and Requirements:

To begin the assessment process, coaches must meet the following requirements:

  • Be USPTA or PTR certified and in good standing with their organization.
  • Have access to the Net Generation app and a coach profile.
  • Complete Safe Play certification or renew Safe Play status.

Steps to Assess a Player:

  1. Download the Net Generation app: The Net Generation app is the platform used for player assessment and tracking.
  2. Complete Safe Play certification: Ensure you have completed the Safe Play certification or renewed your Safe Play status as a coach.
  3. Create your coach profile on Set up your coach profile on, including your USPTA or PTR member certification number.
  4. Share your profile with a player: Share your coach profile with the player you will be assessing.
  5. Connect with the player on the Net Generation app: In the app, click on the profile icon in the top left corner and select “connect.” The parent or player must initiate the connection request through the app.
  6. Ensure player lists you as their primary coach: Make sure the player has designated you as their primary coach within the Net Generation app.
  7. Watch the training video: Select the appropriate assessment level (Orange Level 1, Green Level 2, or Green Level 1) and watch the 25-minute training video provided in the app. This video provides instructions on how and when to carry out the assessment.
  8. Conduct the assessment: Administer the assessment to the player, following the guidelines and criteria provided in the training video.
  9. Pass criteria: Players must score 85% or above to successfully pass the assessment.
  10. Update player’s skill level: If the player passes the assessment, immediately update their skill level in the app to match the level in which the assessment was completed. For example, if the player successfully completes the Orange Level 1 Assessment, their skill level should be changed to Orange Level 1.
  11. Register for competitive events: Once the player’s skill level has been updated, they can now register for green ball competitive events appropriate for their level.

Contacting USTA Customer Care:

For any questions or assistance regarding the assessment process or the Net Generation app, please reach out to USTA Customer Care at

By following this coach assessment guide and utilizing the Net Generation PlayTracker, coaches can ensure accurate player assessments and provide appropriate training and competitive opportunities for young tennis players.

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