USTA Southern announces the Good Chase Sportsmanship Race

USTA Southern announces the Good Chase Sportsmanship Race in collaboration with the Match Tennis App. From May 1 to July 31, 2023, the Good Chase Sportsmanship Race will promote good behavior by junior players during tournaments. The purpose of the race is to...

How To Quickly Find and Evaluate Opponent

Find Opponent Name:1. Click the tournament from Calendar or My Events 2. Click the “Draws (View In App)” button on the tournament detail of the tournament3. Find your player’s match on the draw by using the dropdowns to select the...

How To Search For Player Record

Click Click Player Name or Other Filter to find PlayerEnter Player First and Last Name and click SearchClick Player ProfileClick USTA Player Record Button Select Age Division From Dropdown to View Correlating Record

How To Use Ranking Forecaster

Click Click My Events and Choose TournamentClick the Ranking Forecaster Button Click Dropdowns and Complete information and click CalculateYou will see Forecasted Ranking and Estimated Points for Each Round Passed

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