Instant View of Applicant List Ratings Ranges

Evaluating the competition level of a tournament is essential for your success on the court. The Match Tennis App now provides instant viewing access to Applicant List Ratings/Rankings Ranges, giving users a quick overview of the competition. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Dynamic Updates: The Applicant List Ratings Ranges automatically update whenever you modify the division using the dropdown. This ensures you have the most up-to-date information about the skill levels of tournament applicants.
  • Summarized List Range Information: At the top of the Applicant List, you’ll find National Rank Ranges, UTR ranges, and WTN ranges. This comprehensive overview allows you to quickly assess the level of players in each tournament.

(click image to enlarge or view)

Steps to Use the Applicant List Rating/Ranking Range Snapshot

  1. Search for any Tournament desired within MTA
  2. Click on the tournament details page
  3. Utilize the Applicant List Ratings Ranges for rapid eval of the competition level of each tournament.
  4. Make well-informed decisions about which tournaments to participate in, maximizing your chances of engaging in competitive and rewarding matches.

To learn how to search tournaments by UTR or WTN ranges click HERE.

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