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“If you want to be at the top of your game, you need good hydration, a meal of complex carbohydrates the day before, and a high-protein diet after.” “If you follow those rules, your performance will be better than someone who eats too many sugary and fatty foods.”~Timothy Sentongo, MD~Professor of Pediatrics (UChicagoMedicine)

Review the below pre-match meal guidelines graphic and check out some real pre-match meals of Grand Slam Champions

credit source: for portions and timing of nutrition and hydration

Example Pre-Match Meal Ideas

Adhering to the recommended pre-match meal intake ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fats, below are some example ideas for pre-match meals:


  • Egg white or Egg Beaters omelet, with two slices of whole-wheat toast or a small bagel and fresh fruit (morning Matches)
  • A bagel topped with turkey and scrambled egg whites and low-fat cheese, served with fresh fruit or a low-calorie juice such as Tropicana 50, or light cranberry juice and water (morning Matches)
  • A smoothie made from one cup of fruit, 20 grams protein such as one cup non-fat Greek yogurt or one scoop protein powder, and/or two tablespoons peanut butter or powdered peanut butter, one cup spinach or kale and one tablespoon ground flax or chia seedWhole wheat chicken sandwich with vegetables (morning Matches)


  • Bean and beef burrito with tomatoes and avocado, veggies (anytime)
  • Brown rice, salmon and roasted vegetables (anytime)
  • Whole wheat turkey wrap with vegetables and hummus (anytime)
  • Whole wheat pasta with sauce, grilled chicken and vegetables (anytime)
  • Chicken and veggie whole wheat tortilla wrap, fruit (anytime)
  • Mixed Green Salad with chicken, feta cheese, veggies, dressing, apples, crackers (anytime)
  • Rice bowl with lean beef, beans, mixed veggies (anytime)
  • Pita with hummus and veggies (anytime)


  • A 6-ounce grilled chicken breast (6 ounces) , with a bowl of pasta with light red sauce, peas or corn and water (evening Matches)
  • A grilled chicken sandwich – but go easy on mayo, and skip the cheese. Round out the meal with fresh fruit and pretzels (evening Matches)
  • A 6- or 12-inch sub sandwich with roasted chicken, lean turkey or ham, peanut butter or soy protein for vegetarians on whole-wheat bread. Hold the onions, but all other veggies are fine. Choose mustard or light mayo and add a side of fresh fruit plus water or a low-sugar sports drink such as Gatorade 2 or Gatorade Zero (evening Matches)
  • A lean pork chop, served with brown rice or baked potato with light sour cream and light cheese, peas/corn (evening Matches)
  • Whole Wheat pasta with meatballs, bread, veggies (evening Matches)
  • Meatballs and whole wheat pasta with sauce, mixed veggies (evening Matches)

Examples of liquids that you can drink ~3 hours before your competition include water and sports drinks, or juice. Review the hydration graphic below for the recommended hydration schedule for pre, during, and post match guidelines.

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Hydration is an essential element for one to perform at their very best. Not only is it important to athletic performance, but if you don’t properly hydrate prior to playing in the hot sun it can be dangerous. Please click the button to learn how hydration can specifically apply to each individual:

**This is a courtesy service provided by Match Tennis App based on the match times on the USTA draws for the tournament that you or your child show as a participant. Please email our support at support@matchtennisapp.com or click the chat button below if you experience any type of issue with this new educational feature. Good luck in your match!

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