This is the beta release of this tool and will be available to premium and basic free edition users for the next 30 days after which it will be a premium only feature. Please click the live chat button in the bottom right of the page If you are a free basic edition user and would like to try premium features for another 15 days at no charge.

This tool is designed to evaluate the points from each tournament and help a user
determine the top 6 results contributing to a player’s USTA ranking. This can
assist in making decisions on which tournaments to play to improve or maintain
a current USTA ranking by helping determine which tournament points are falling off next.

The current ranking system takes the player’s top 6 tournament results from the
past 12 months. There are some minutiae to that ranking system as it relates to playing
up in other age divisions that will be addressed in the HOW-TO below.

How To Access:

1. Navigate to any Player Profile detail page
2. Click or tap the “Tournament Ranking Results” button
3. The list will auto populate with the last Age Division played and the Top 6 by Points

How to Use:

  1. Click any of the top buttons to change the list of tournaments.
    • “All”  shows all Singles/Doubles events for all age divisions
    • “Singles”  shows all Singles events for all age divisions
      (Players playing up in multiple age groups will find this useful)
    • “{AgeDivision}S” shows all Singles events for specific age division
    • “{AgeDivision}D” shows all Doubles events for specific age division
  2. Click any column header to sort the list by Ascending order for that column
  3. Click any column header a second time to sort Descending
  4. The red highlight when viewing top 6 by points or date is the estimated next tournament to fall off.

You can reference the 2021 Points Tables which are located below the tournament results list to see how many points are associated with each tournament level and type as well as the bonus points tables.

This tool along with the “Ranking Forecaster” and “Tournament Scheduler” can be helpful in planning your tournament ranking journey.

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