Participating in ITF professional tennis tournaments requires careful attention to deadlines. These deadlines ensure that players have sufficient time to enter, withdraw, and finalize their participation in the tournaments. Familiarizing yourself with these important dates is essential for tennis parents, players, and coaches. Here are the three key deadlines to keep in mind:

  1. Entry Deadline:
    • The entry deadline is the cutoff for players to submit their entry for a tournament.
    • It occurs at 2:00 pm GMT (14:00 hrs) on Thursday, eighteen days before the Monday of the Tournament Week.
    • After this deadline, players can no longer enter the tournament online.
    • It’s crucial to note that players are not obligated to participate in the tournament until the Withdrawal Deadline.
  2. Withdrawal Deadline:
    • The withdrawal deadline is the point by which players must make a final decision regarding their participation.
    • It occurs at 2:00 pm GMT (14:00 hrs) on Tuesday, thirteen days before the Monday of the Tournament Week.
    • Players who have been accepted into the Main Draw or Qualifying competition of an ITF professional tournament must withdraw from all other tournaments.
    • Specific criteria outlined in the regulations determine which tournaments players can remain in.
    • Once this deadline passes, players are committed to playing in the ITF tournament.
    • It’s important to understand the procedure for automatic withdrawals to avoid any complications.
  3. Freeze Deadline:
    • The freeze deadline marks the final adjustment of alternate players’ positions.
    • It occurs at 2:00 pm GMT (14:00 hrs) on Thursday, four days before the Monday preceding the Tournament Week.
    • At this stage, players listed as alternates for multiple ITF tournaments will be removed from all lists except their highest priority alternate list.
    • They will remain on only one acceptance list.

Adhering to these deadlines and following the regulations is crucial for smooth and organized participation in ITF professional tennis tournaments. Make sure to review the specific details provided in the official ITF document “ITF WORLD TENNIS TOUR TOURNAMENT DEADLINES” available at ITF Tournament Deadlines for comprehensive information.

By keeping track of these deadlines, players can effectively plan their tournament schedules, make informed decisions, and ensure a successful and hassle-free experience in the ITF world of professional tennis.

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