Match Tennis App is helping keep tennis tournaments alive throughout the United States through the creation of its Virtual Tournament Desk technology.

Match Tennis App is the provider of the leading tennis player tournament management application being used by tennis organizations throughout the country.

Three of the largest USTA Sections have mandated tournaments to use the app. The new technology integrates with the USTA’s existing tournament management system to provide more effective social distancing protocols.

The goal was simple: Develop a technology solution that would facilitate a safer COVID-19 environment for tennis venues nationwide so the sport could once again host competitions for tennis players, especially those hoping for college scholarships.

CEO and former WTA world-ranked No. 33 player Lindsay Lee-Waters founded Match Tennis App with her husband Heath Waters. As the parents of a nationally top-ranked 14-and-under junior, the Waters want to enhance the quality of experience for players, parents, and tournament staff through innovative digital experiences.

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