How To Obtain a USTA Junior Ranking: A Guide for Tennis Parents, Coaches, and Young Players

How To Obtain a USTA Junior Ranking: A Guide for Tennis Parents, Coaches, and Young Players

Hello tennis enthusiasts! Today, we’re going to learn about how to get a USTA Junior Ranking.

Step 1: Play in the Right Tournaments

To get a USTA Junior Ranking, you need to play in certain tournaments. These include USTA Junior National Tournaments and Section and District Junior Ranking Tournaments. So, make sure you’re entering the right competitions!

Step 2: Earn Ranking Points

In these tournaments, you’ll earn ranking points when you win matches in singles and doubles. Think of these points like stars in a video game – the more you collect, the higher your score!

There are two types of points you can earn:

  1. Points Per Round: These are points you get based on how far you get in the tournament. The further you go, the more points you earn!
  2. Bonus Points: These are extra points you get when you win against really good players. It’s like a special reward for doing a great job!

Step 3: Understand the Ranking Levels

The USTA Junior Ranking system has 7 Levels of National Ranking Tournaments. Each level has different tournaments, and each tournament gives you a chance to earn points. The levels range from Level 1, which includes big tournaments like the USTA National Championships, all the way to Level 7, which includes local Section and District Level 7 Tournaments.

Step 4: Keep Track of Your Points

Your junior ranking is calculated by adding up all your points. This includes 100% of the points you earned in singles from your six best tournaments and a percentage of the points you earned in doubles from your six best tournaments. The exact percentage for doubles is decided by the USTA Junior Competition Committee and is currently 15%.

Step 5: Follow the Rules

Remember, to get a ranking, you need to be a USTA member by the last day of the ranking period, which is from January 1 to December 31. Also, if you advance in a tournament because of a bye (when your opponent doesn’t show up), you don’t get Points Per Round for that.

And that’s it! By playing in the right tournaments and winning matches, you can earn points and get a USTA Junior Ranking. So, get out there, play your best, and have fun!

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